Sabtu, 25 April 2009

political security

politics are never PLAYERS for each, is there a guarantee can always win and get the success, of politics there is no guarantee, even loss, suffering a consequence, during the political game with the measured property only.

This may be as political fantasy that is not supported with the development of economic, social and cultural, if you want to play politics with the good, need to have development that is able to encourage the political stability.

political game not only showcase the wealth race but there is an ideology, theory, organization, and one that can support the political progress itself.

if we see in developed countries, political games, not only belong to the elites, but all sections of the community can participate to support the candidate who is estimated to be encouraging people to get insurance and the progress of a nation.

while in the political game in a developing country, has not meet the standardization of the existing, and even used as political: property dispute, the position and interest groups, whether political state as it continues to grow.

politics should be done to improve people's lives, providing motivation adar life continue to be developed so that better and different from the previous orientation offered therein.

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