Sabtu, 25 April 2009


if we browse, copyright protection is the guarantee for the writers, producers, companies and various businesses that need the protection of rights guarantees the creation of a discovery.

often found various paste any posts copied without permission from the owner, but what in the world of the blog author can not guarantee that own paste copied.

that need to be copy and paste or replication of the findings are part of the crimes that have not yet found a solution, but copy and paste the certainty that there is a clear law in advertising.

promoter of the bid that the article is paid expensive creations are of a mind, not from creative people.

indeed, if we browse through the law to copy and paste the article does not seem to be there, but you fish the promoter, directly protect the results of your creation and you struggle to pay high.

they may have the creativity require copyright as a guarantee that the creativity of the world paid the price with a maximum.

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